Control Tower for improved logistics

Has your business been affected this year by any unexpected event in your logistics chain: production stoppages, strikes, natural disasters? Have you been affected by customers who wonder where their delivery has disappeared to? Or would you like to know whether your freight companies really comply with their contracts? If yes, how did you solve these problems?

Take control of your logistics

Primelog TMS gives you the opportunity to take control of your logistics and all related flows. Imagine an air traffic control tower with experienced control officers who monitor airspace, screens and the surrounding world then replace the control tower with your own logistics experts who oversee as logistics software system that monitors the flow of goods and costs, and issues an alarm in case of an exception.

An important part of this excellent solution is the ability to monitor your business in real time. Primelog TMS solves this through integration with all parties who have a role in the flow of your goods – suppliers, transport companies, 3PL providers, ERP systems and others.

With Primelog TMS as your control tower, you have every opportunity to analyze and improve your logistics operations. You will be able to take control and manage the various players in your supply chain.

Use control to:

Business opportunities

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To take complete control of your logistics costs, you need to use the right solution.
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