Logistics Management

Do you effectively plan your transports? Are your transports optimized so that you are getting the best service possible at the lowest price? Are you in control of where your goods are and are you able to proactively provide great customer service?

Primelog TMS for logistics management provides operative IT support that also helps with the tactical planning of your transports. Primelog TMS helps you automate your flow to the extent possible. Our “touchless booking” integrates directly into your ERP system, calculates which transport company and which product you should use based on your requirements regarding service levels and costs, and creates an optimized transport order that is sent directly to the transport company. Primelog TMS manages your transportation needs, transforms them into cost-efficient bookings and ensures that the right freight documentation is printed at the right location. It does all of this, without any need for you to step in and manage the flow.

Keep your promises with delivery performance

Primelog TMS also provides great overview of your transport companies’ performance. Do they comply with their SLAs? How long are the actual lead times compared to the calculations? You are in control and you own the information. This contributes to a competitive supply chain and perhaps most importantly, you will be able to keep your promises to your customers.

Clear cost savings because of:

  • Less manual work
  • Optimized freight bookings
  • Higher output ratio
  • Increased control
  • Quality-assured supporting documentation for the evaluation of your transport companies

Business opportunities

Our extensive experience has made us well acquainted with the return on investment.
The Primelog business case

Choose the right solution

To take complete control of your logistics costs, you need to use the right solution.
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