Primelog TMS product news

The latest release of Primelog TMS focuses on continuous migration to a more modern user experience and to rebuild the code and functions in a microservice architecture. This essentially means that the functions and services within the Primelog modules are built in even smaller modules that are easy to replace and release separately.

Fresh interface for Load Planning

Primelog TMS Load Planning is one of the modules that has been migrated. The release from 12 June includes a complete new version of the module, based of course on the existing functionality that is used by our clients, but with a new user experience and interface. The upcoming releases (Q3 and Q4) will entail further improvements and additional functionality to the Load Planning module. Contact your governance manager if you want to know more about this. The basic functionalities in the module that are covered are:

  • Consolidation of customer shipments
  • Moving customer shipments between loads
  • Defining unloading sequence within a load

Customer Billing supports more functionality

Primelog TMS Customer Billing is another module that has been both migrated and redesigned. It supports the process of controlling and pricing the freight to the end customer. This module has been part of our functionality for a long time, but now it also supports consolidated shipments and multi-leg transports. The basic functionalities in the module are:

  • Calculation of sales price based on distributed cost per customer shipment
  • Creation of billing specification
  • Value-based pricing and cost-plus pricing