Support Offering

Our customers are spread over several locations, with Primelog TMS being used in 60 countries and on every continent. Our customers have high and different availability and reliability demands, and we offer different levels of customer support to meet their requirements.

SaaS operations

These are the operations that guarantee high availability of Primelog TMS. Since we have customers at locations all over the world, we are available 24/7. In SaaS operations, we carry out continuous product maintenance, and are responsible for the ongoing management of Primelog TMS new releases and improvements.

Support services

Our support services function has staff dedicated to help customers who have questions when using Primelog TMS. The functionality is governed by well-established processes and escalation features to ensure that we can quickly respond to your needs. We also assist you when there are new releases and related functionality.

Additional support services

You can choose to add a higher service level in the form of specific resources that manage your flows, and additional services in the form of file monitoring and data quality assurance.


For the majority of our customers, Primelog TMS is a business critical system. The point of using Primelog Support Services is to minimize disruptions in the use of Primelog TMS. We minimize operational stoppages and knowledge-gaps so as to increase the return on your Primelog investment.

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