Project Methodology

To ensure that our projects are properly implemented and quality-assured, our consultants work according to Primelog’s project methodology. The methodology consists of four phases: preliminary study, analysis & design, implementation and go-live.

Feasibility study

In the preliminary study phase, we use your current situation as the starting point and work with you to determine the future situation. That way we can identify which process, system and organizational changes are required to reach the target. We always start by using Primelog’s standard functionality to ensure that you benefit as much as possible from the system’s standard processes. The preliminary study results in a recommended solution based on your needs.

Analysis & design

In the analysis & design phase, we analyze potential changes based on the preliminary study and we map the identified work processes to see how they are supported by Primelog. We also look more deeply into the technical solution, identifying what integrations are required and how information should be transmitted to and from Primelog. The analysis & design phase results in a detailed project plan for implementation and go-live.


In the implementation phase, Primelog is configured based on the solution proposed in the previous phase. We implement the integrations we decided on. This phase concludes with Primelog internal testing and preparations for go-live. Customer users are trained on the finalized solution in order to be able to perform acceptance tests.


In the test phase the customer performs tests according to test scenarios and specifications. Functionality, performance and error management are tested. This phase results in a tested and approved system that is ready to go-live.


In the go-live phase, users are ready to start using the system. Processes and work procedures have been clarified and the flow of information has started. The result of this phase is that you – the user and Primelog customer – will begin to benefit from the return on your investment.

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