Business Case to Realize the Commercial Value

Having an overview of and control over goods and financial logistics flows offers a great opportunity for savings. With Primelog TMS, we offer you the opportunity to create a great business case to support the decision that makes your investment possible.

Business case

We would be happy to help you create a business case, based on your operations and your conditions. Below is numbers representing your potential, based on our shared experiences from hundreds of implementations where we have helped our customers achieve good returns on their investments.

Savings Cost base
Control 100% of your transport invoices and focus on exceptions (i.e. those invoices that deviate from the tolerances you set in Primelog). You should also take the opportunity to update your financial system with a focus on approved invoices. 2-5 % Freight turnover
Less manual work through an automated process. 10-30 % Personnel costs
Better supporting documentation, consisting of several years’ worth of statistics and providing the opportunity for multi-dimensional analyses of previous transports to be the starting point for your procurement of freight. 2-5 % Freight turnover according to existing contracts
More efficient process by increasing “compliance” (i.e. having right contract and the right transport method). You increase the optimization of already existing contracts, and you will have the opportunity to follow up on the outcome of procurements that have been carried out. 1-4 % Freight turnover
Support for consolidation and output ratio, and use joint taxation to lower the costs. 5-10 % Freight turnover

Choose the right solution

To take complete control of your logistics costs, you need to use the right solution.
How to choose the right solution

IT department requirements

A SaaS solution often means less work for the IT department, but what requirements do they have?
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