Vision & mission


“Happy logistics people”


“To increase global enterprises’ performance through innovative logistics software”

What makes us unique?

We are the only software company to offer the following:

  • Primelog TMS is an “Extended TMS”, which means that its functionality far exceeds what you normally expect to find in a TMS. Primelog TMS stands for Logistics Management System and aims to create well-functioning process support for the entire logistics flow – not only in relation to transports.
  • Primelog TMS provides functionality for the management of global logistics flows, such as multi-leg and multi-mode ratings and routing (management of several transportation methods, either individually or combined).
  • Primelog TMS has profound functionality within the freight audit field, including invoice control and cost monitoring. It also has well-developed support for the allocation of income and costs within the logistics flow.
  • Primelog TMS gives the entire process visibility and with a strong BI engine, it offers endless opportunities for analysis.
  • Primelog TMS is based on a flexible integration platform that easily connects to new suppliers, customers and databases.
  • Primelog TMS has SaaS in its DNA and was designed as a “multi-tenant” solution from the start.

Your opportunities

The road to control contains several steps. What step are you currently at and what possibilities for control improvement do you have?
Your road to control of your logistics


Our customers are Swedish and international companies within many different sectors. Feel free take a look at our customer cases.
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