The Primelog Story

The Primelog trip does not end here, even though we find ourselves exactly where we want to be. In a way, ever since 1999 when it all started, we have always been exactly where we wanted to be. The development of the company, or first-and-foremost our product, began as it often does: we noticed a clear demand in the market. There was a need for an overview of and control over the logistics flow, both financially and physically. It was, and is, difficult for many companies with extensive logistics operations to visualize all the elements and gain control.

This problem became our focus and something we wanted to resolve, as visualization and control are the only means of achieving sensible decisions and better business dealings. We could see major benefits for everyone in the chain and clear advantages for your customers via the creation of a solution and software that dealt with this.

Thousands of problems were resolved

Problem solving became the foundation of Primelog, and we began by working on live projects for Ericsson and Toyota. We learned incredibly much – not through guesses, theories or invented services, but reality, a live environment with intensive logistics operations. We kept building up our knowledge and experiences. Our product was subject to constant growing pains and became stronger by the day.

The years went by, and we spent every day working on improving our solution and the logistics for major companies such as SKF and Sandvik, customers with requirements, extensive flows and large organizations. Other customers with the same common problems and challenges were added, and we were able to offer them a powerful solution and our extensive experience. We have pleasantly noticed that the majority of the customers we started to work with are still with us today. This spurs us to become even better!

We have saved millions of Swedish kronor

Many of the people who are currently working with us were with us at the outset, or almost at the outset. But we have also reinforced our organization with new talent, and during our journey, skills in addition to software development have been added. Notably, the organization has kept its dynamic format since the company’s start-up since we have always seen the benefits of having an appropriately sized organization.

In other words, we like to stay close to our customers, our colleagues and our software development, striving to build partnerships with our customers. We always aim for long-term cooperation where both parties evolve together. We truly believe in our product and we want each customer to benefit as much as possible from the solution. This is why we must be close to each other.

Approximately one billion transactions

We have believed in our product throughout the years. We have evolved, invested and remained strong during recessions and economic booms, as well as through organizational changes and our customers’ evolution. We have always followed our basic concept, refining it and our offering. We are passionate about our work, and we are curious and interested in developments and in the world around us. This means that we are always open to change and to creating new solutions that keep us at the forefront.

With time, thousands of problems have been resolved for our customers, millions of Swedish kronor have been saved and roughly a billion transactions have passed through Primelog’s system. The business has seen and experienced everything within logistics, transportation and organizations, and the system has been integrated and connected to various ERP, finance and logistics systems. The knowledge and the experiences have resulted in an extremely skilled and experienced supply organization, and a tool adapted by and to reality.

Happy logistics people

We are currently at the forefront, offering a solution with a width and depth that no one else has. Our solution provides benefits and simplifies life for all users, including decision makers, managers, departments and end users. Our objective is to improve and simplify logistics so that all those involved in the chain can become “happy logistics people.”

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